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High-performance content designed for Google

Maximize the SEO of your content in order to boost your visibility and increase your traffic.

Don't fear the blank page

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We provide you guidelines on queries to maximize qualified traffic on your content. Become an expert on your field!

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Dokey has won a wide range of awards for its innovation and SEO performance.

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Competitive analysis


Keyword search


Content structure


Suggested synonyms


Relevant questions


And much more...

Write 2x faster!

Tons of features to help you with your writing

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Intelligent competitor analysis

For each projects, our robots analyse 30 of your competitors to outperform them.

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Header & keyword ideas

We suggest highly relevant keywords to help you write quality content.

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Grouping of themes

The keyword clusters generated by our algorithm will help you identify the best topics to address.

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Relevant questions

Find the questions suggested by Google to best answer your users' search intentions.

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Real-time optimisation score

Each article comes with an SEO performance score that will guide you through the writing process.

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Text structuring tool

Structure the headings of your content in a few clicks before you even start writing.