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Founded in 2022 by Maxime VACHON, Aparté came into being after its creator rediscovered the pleasure of puzzles during confinements. Dissatisfied with the existing options on the market, Maxime set out to create exceptional, aesthetically pleasing puzzles designed with an eco-responsible approach. Each piece tells a story, not only through its image, but also through its commitment to sustainability, made in France with eco-friendly materials and presented in optimized packaging. Mainly BtoC via its website, Aparté also has its own BtoB network with numerous retailers and a partner store selling its creations in La Rochelle.
The Aparté Puzzle offer appeals to a diverse customer base, particularly women with a passion for leisure activities, including a persona like Caroline from Paris. Caroline, a young urban professional, finds puzzles a relaxing escape from her hectic daily routine. As she seeks to cultivate her well-being consciously, she appreciates this artistic and eco-responsible approach.


Maxime Vachon, Fondateur de la marque Aparté

Needs and challenges

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