How Phénix Info propelled its customers to success: a winning SEO growth strategy


+533% of keywords positioned

+429% of keywords positioned in the Top10

+444% of trafic in 3 months

Phénix Info is a dynamic company headed by Damien Bellegueulle, with ten years of experience behind it. With a team of five passionate employees, Phénix Info stands out for its three main areas of activity: website creation, SEO and application development. Thanks to its diversified expertise, Phénix Info supports its customers in their digital projects by offering innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Phénix Info's services are aimed at both companies and individuals, covering a wide range of B2B and B2C needs. Whether you're a start-up micro-business or a listed company, Phénix Info has the right solutions to support your growth and optimize your performance. Their expertise enables them to meet the specific requirements of each customer, whatever their sector of activity or size.

Manager of Phénix Info

Damien Bellegueulle, Gérant de Phénix Info


Prior to using Dokey, Phénix Info encountered several problems related to SEO and SEO-optimized content writing. Starting from scratch, the company relied on external web copywriters, which proved costly and time-consuming. Response times were often very long, and the incessant back-and-forth to finalize a precise vision of the content further increased the duration of the process. Despite all these efforts, the results obtained were often mixed, not always meeting their expectations in terms of SEO performance.


"Thanks to Dokey, we've seen remarkable results in terms of time savings and conversions. By having an in-depth competitive analysis and semantic cocoon study, we were able to follow a clear guideline when writing our content. This considerably reduced the number of back-and-forths and eliminated the need for intermediaries, enabling us to produce optimized content more quickly. The resulting performance has been outstanding, with a noticeable increase in conversions and a significant improvement in online visibility with our customers."


"The results obtained with Dokey have been impressive. Take the example of our client, which was struggling to get off the ground in terms of SEO before our collaboration with Dokey. In just three months, we saw a spectacular +444% growth in traffic. This increase was made possible by optimizing existing content and creating new, optimized content. Thanks to these combined efforts, we were able to significantly improve's online visibility and achieve its growth targets."


"In conclusion, Dokey's major assets lie in its advanced functionalities, which are truly transforming our approach to SEO. Competitor analysis enables us to create high-quality content, surpassing that of our competitors. Unlike other tools, Dokey doesn't just copy, but continually improves our strategy by showing us how to do better. Thanks to Dokey, we can develop optimized content that not only meets search engine requirements, but also captivates and engages our target audience." Damien Bellegueulle