BEE DISTRIBUTION's SEO Success Story for its Parashop chain: More than 1,188 keywords dominate TOP3 search results


+13 109 keywords in 6 months

+ 1 200 keywords positioned in the TOP3

+70K€ in organic conversions in 4 months

The Parashop brand, founded in 1993, stands out as a pioneer in the parapharmacy sector, offering a wide range of products centered around health, beauty and well-being In & Out. In 2020, it completely overhauled its concept, refocusing on product performance, service quality and excellent advice to enable its customers to take care of themselves while respecting their needs, desires and values.
The Parashop brand enables every customer to find the pleasure of taking care of themselves, through both small and large gestures, in its points of sale and on
The Parashop brand caters exclusively to the BtoC sector, attracting mainly female customers aged 40 and over, although its appeal extends to an increasingly younger audience. The typical customer belongs mainly to the CSP+ socio-professional category, with a relatively high average shopping basket of €63. Present exclusively in France, with 25 points of sale and plans to open more in the coming months, the notable presence of Omnichannel customers underlines the company's commitment to offering a seamless experience between physical stores and the online platform. Flagship categories include facial care, hair products and dietary supplements, reflecting a holistic approach focused on beauty and well-being.

E-commerce team

Anaïs et Mirana, E-commerce manager and assistant

Needs and challenges

Before using Dokey, the website was facing several major SEO and SEO-optimized content writing issues. Following a lengthy closure of the site and its redesign in 2021, a significant drop in SEO ranking occurred, resulting in the loss of visibility of this historic site and forcing it to start from scratch.

A review of the site's structure revealed a critical need to rework all editorial content. However, the team faced significant obstacles due to a lack of in-depth SEO knowledge and difficulties in assimilating the associated technical terms.

An additional problem was the lack of support from many companies, often leaving teams to fend for themselves in the complexities of SEO and content writing. This lack of guidance hampered the company's ability to maximize its online potential and take full advantage of the redesign carried out in 2021.

Using Dokey

The use of the Dokey tool has considerably improved the team's operational efficiency, resulting in significant gains in terms of time and conversions. The tool stands out for its truly intuitive interface, simplifying the process of writing content for category pages. The tool's simplicity and clarity enabled easy copywriting, with accessible keywords that sometimes contradicted previous assumptions, thus reinforcing the relevance of the content.

Repetition of the same structure and the use of People Also Ask (PAA) significantly reduced the time needed to create content. These tricks also contributed to improved SEO, providing a clear view of competitive position and opportunities. The team was able to identify the most relevant keywords to promote, boosting's positioning in search results and improving conversion rates.

Results achieved

Since implementing the tool in April 2023, the company has undertaken initial work on SEO tagging, focusing on site structuring and then optimizing all category pages.
In just a few months, the company increased its traffic fivefold, posting exceptional organic growth of almost 400%. These spectacular results highlight the indisputable effectiveness of the SEO strategy implemented.
The data speak for themselves:
An impressive 358% increase in monthly organic traffic.
+ 13,109 keywords in six months.
Positioning of + 1,188 keywords in the TOP3.
Organic conversion of +70K€ in just four months.


"Working with Dokey has been a truly rewarding and fun experience for our team. What's more, the time saved is considerable, especially for a small team with multiple functions! The simplicity of the tool makes SEO, often considered complex, accessible and even stimulating. The daily challenge of finding the best keyword combination and seeing the score rise brings real satisfaction, transforming what could have been an arduous task into a real pleasure.

What's particularly appreciable is the playful nature of the tool, making SEO captivating and exciting. Working on our SEO with Dokey is no longer a chore, but rather an engaging experience."