On the SEO Summits: How Biscuiterie de Provence increased its Top 3 keywords by 105%.


+110% traffic in 3 months

+75% of keywords positioned

+105% of keywords positioned in the Top 3

Biscuiterie de Provence is a family business located in Drôme Provençale. It specializes in the manufacture of various sweet products, including cookies, cakes, calissons, chocolate bars and nougat.

As a family-run business, it is characterized by a history and tradition handed down from generation to generation, which is reflected in the quality and authenticity of its products. Located in Drôme Provençale, the company benefits from the influence of local culture and ingredients in the manufacture of its products...

Biscuiterie de Provence is mainly positioned in the BtoB market, with 80% of its sales generated by selective networks such as delicatessens and stores specializing in local produce. A significant proportion of its offering is made up of organic products, which account for at least half of its recipes. The company has made a name for itself internationally, exporting to Europe, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and the UK, as well as to the USA and Asia.

In parallel, the company also addresses the BtoC market with the operation of a physical boutique at La Fabrique, as well as the availability of its products via its website. Biscuiterie de Provence is currently engaged in a BtoC development program, seeking to strengthen its presence and direct accessibility to consumers.



Amandine Vegas, Marketing, communications and e-commerce manager

Need and challenges

"We have a lot of products with generic names like 'almond cookie' or 'chocolate cakes', which makes it difficult for us to position ourselves on transactional rather than informational keywords. Someone typing in 'almond cookie' or 'almond cakes' is generally looking for a recipe to make at home, and even if they came across our site, it wouldn't generate any sales. Food is a highly competitive field, so it's difficult to position yourself on these keywords. Mathilde and I realized this right from the start". Amandine Vegas

Using Dokey

"dokey I discovered by chance on the Internet, and I was immediately won over by the tool because it's intuitive and efficient [...] we were missing a tool that would enable us to work on key queries with relevant content".

"I was quite surprised by the quality of the discussions with Mathilde, and even by the audit [...] I've rarely been so well supported, we're really helped, we're given ideas, we're given guidelines, we're supported, if I ever have a question I send Mathilde an email, she's super reactive! Dokey isn't just an AI-based IT tool, there's a human element behind it and it's very complementary. I'm really very satisfied" Amandine Vegas

The results obtained

The success of the Biscuiterie de Provence website has grown remarkably in recent months, thanks in particular to a particularly successful SEO strategy. Statistics show impressive growth, from 115 to 240 visits per day, a spectacular 110% increase.

Visibility in France has also risen significantly, with a 75% increase in positioned keywords, from 2265 in August to 3969 in December. A striking indicator of this improvement is the number of keywords positioned in the TOP 3, which rose from 38 in August to 78, recording an increase of 105%.

Among the notable successes, keywords such as "biscuiterie artisanale" climbed from 33rd to 4th place on Google, while "produits locaux" saw a remarkable rise from 39th to 5th place. These results testify to the tangible success of the efforts deployed as part of the SEO strategy, strengthening Biscuiterie de Provence's position in the online marketplace and its visibility among users looking for artisanal and local products.

+105% of keywords positioned in the Top 3


"It's really rewarding to see that thanks to dokey we can get results so quickly. I didn't expect it to be so quick; I thought it would take a certain amount of time, at least half a year, for there to be results. To my great surprise, the first results were quite rapid. When you see that you manage to position yourself on difficult keywords, it's always a pleasure."

"For example, we also make chocolate bars [...] we worked on the query 'chocolate brand' which is quite generic, there are an incredible number of chocolate suppliers and producers, and thanks to dokey Biscuiterie de Provence was able to position itself around 5th place in searches, ahead of Lindt and Nestlé". Amandine Vegas