AJY : Amazing 567% Growth Thanks to a Good Content Strategy


+567% organic traffic

+43 keywords in the Top 3

+62% of keywords

AJY, a company operating in the natural food supplements sector, draws its inspiration from Ayurvedic medicine, an ancestral Indian practice focused on the holistic treatment of symptoms. AJY distinguishes itself by offering a range of dietary supplements in gastro-resistant vegetarian capsules, preserving the integrity of the active ingredients. As a French organic brand manufactured in France, AJY holds Ecocert certification, making it part of an eco-responsible approach. Although not a Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB), AJY adopts an omnichannel approach, joining the category of Omnichannel Native Vertical Brands (ONVB). AJY strives to meet the growing needs of health-conscious customers who want to take care of themselves naturally.

The AJY offer is aimed at a diverse clientele, a representative persona of which would be Charlotte de Bordeaux, a working mother of three who seeks to take care of herself consciously. She pays close attention to the quality of the products she consumes, and prefers to avoid the food supplements available in supermarkets, which are often considered too chemical. AJY's target clientele is wide-ranging, reaching women in a variety of situations such as menopause and menstruation, and not necessarily limited to urban areas.



Chantal Roux, Co-founder

Need and challenges

Before using Dokey, AJY faced a number of challenges in terms of SEO and SEO-optimized content writing. The need for a comprehensive strategy, an in-depth audit and technical support was obvious. There was also a need to clarify the various SEO requirements, establish a long-term strategy for successful SEO, and benefit from the necessary SEO expertise.

Using Dokey

Chantal underlines Dokey's major assets, highlighting its ease of use, even for those who are unfamiliar with digital technology. PAAs (People Also Ask) and keywords are clearly presented, offering an exceptional user experience. Dokey's simplicity and efficiency are underlined, according to Chantal, "even a two-year-old can use it".

The result obtained

In just four months, organic traffic grew by a spectacular 567%.

Another significant measure of this success lies in search engine positioning, particularly on Google in France. In June, AJY enjoyed a presence of 659 keywords in search results, and in just a few months this number has climbed to 1067, testifying to a remarkable growth of 62%. Initially there were 8 keywords in the Top3, mainly brand names, but this figure has exploded to 51 keywords at the top of search results.

These tangible results translate directly to the bottom line, with a remarkable 145% growth in sales attributable exclusively to the SEO strategy implemented.

This outstanding performance was made possible by the ongoing commitment of the customer. Over a five-month period, some 40 pieces of content were carefully written and published on the Dokey platform, encompassing blog posts, product pages and collection pages. This strategic approach clearly paid off, positioning our customer at the top of search results and generating significant growth in their online business.

+43 keywords in the Top 3


"A high-quality audit report!

A very high quality audit report with a very complete and precise action plan, complete with a retro-planning! In addition to being methodical, educational and professional, Mathilde was responsive, agile and a good listener. We recommend it 100%."

Chantal Roux - Trustpilot review