Decathlon and Dokey: the winning team for high-performing SEO content


+ 30% of keywords in the top 3 within 5 months on the blog

+ 9,2% of keywords on buyer's guides

Decathlon, a company founded in 1976 in France, is now one of the world's leading sports equipment retailers. With over 1,700 stores across 60 countries, the brand is renowned for its commitment to making sports accessible to as many people as possible. It offers a wide range of products covering more than 80 sports, from fitness and hiking equipment to specialized items for less common sports.

Beyond selling sports equipment, Decathlon is dedicated to promoting regular sports practice and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Their approach is user-centric, providing not only products but also practical advice and information to help customers practice their sport sustainably and choose the equipment that best suits their needs.

Decathlon primarily serves a very broad and diverse B2C clientele, covering a range of profiles from beginners to sports experts. Athletes of all levels find equipment tailored to their needs, whether they are amateurs or high-level athletes. The brand attracts consumers seeking practical, innovative, and affordable solutions, thanks to its technologically advanced products and excellent value for money. Finally, the company is resolutely looking towards the future with ambitious environmental commitments, such as product repair, the option to buy second-hand or rent products, and the design of eco-friendly stores, thus demonstrating its concern for minimizing its impact on the world of tomorrow.



The use of Dokey at Decathlon primarily focuses on creating informational content for the blog and purchasing guides. With Dokey, the editorial team can produce rich, relevant, and search engine optimized blog articles, enabling customers to easily find tips and tricks for their sports activities. Additionally, purchasing guides written with the assistance of Dokey provide detailed and clear product information, helping consumers make informed choices based on their specific needs. This strategic use of Dokey allows Decathlon to strengthen its commitment to its customers by offering comprehensive, sourced, and SEO-optimized content.


Since the adoption of Dokey, Decathlon has achieved remarkable results in terms of visibility and organic traffic on its blog and purchasing guides. In just five months, the number of keywords positioned in the top 3 has increased by 30%, demonstrating the effectiveness of Dokey in content optimization. Purchasing guides have also benefited from this optimization, with a 9.2% increase in positioned keywords.

What is particularly positive is the evolution of keywords thanks to the use of Dokey. The platform has facilitated the positioning of numerous strategic keywords, thereby improving Decathlon's visibility on specific searches. For example, "Pilates" reached the 2nd position as early as January, and the keyword "nutrition marathon" saw impressive progression, moving from the 16th position in January to the 4th place in May.